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12 February 2008We are at finish of first commisionig sector 4-5 ... next will be soon...
7 January 2008We are all back and ready to go ... for HWC.
20 December 2007RB.A45@8.5kA tested successfully!! We are preparing for Xmas!! Tomorow all of us six leaving to Poland. Unfortunetly One of us (Piotr) is finishig his work at Cern!! All the best!
17 December 2007Commissioning of 4-5: RB.A45
10 December 2007We are still waiting for CRYO OK in 4-5 arc ...
December 2007 Commissioning of 4-5 has began!. First SOC : MR4.
23 November 2007 New site design!!
30 September 2007Two members finished thier work for QPS
10 September 2007Andrew's seminar about qpsCheck
May - June 2007Commissioning of powering sector 7-8
8 February 2007The section AT-MEL-PM party
8 January 2007Arrival to CERN after Christmas together with two new person.
5 January 2007QPS seminar in Cracow QPS seminar in Cracow (polish language)
1 January 2007Our second agreement has began.
21 December 2006Merry Christmas !!! We depart from CERN for Christmas.
1 October 2006New member of QPS commissioning team has just joined us.
28 February 2006Arrival to CERN of sixth member of QPS commissioning team.
24 February 20068 hours short-circuit test in UA47 - measurement results
26-27 January 200624 hours short-circuit test in UA83 - measurement results
5 January 2006Arrival to CERN after Christama.
1 January 2006Our agreement has began !
21 December 2005Mery Christmas !!! We depart from CERN for Christmas.
12-14 December 2005Two persons from our group visited Anasaldo Superconduttori in Genova - company making dipoles for LHC. >>
9 December 2005Very ineresting seminar in polish language on SM18.
1 December 2005AGH-UST Rector Andrzej Tajdus signed agreement between CERN and AGH-UST realtaed to QPS hardware commissioning.
29 November 2005CERN Director-General Robert Aymar signed agreement between CERN and AGH-UST realtaed to QPS hardware commissioning.
28 November 2005Seminar on temperature measurement by instrument of PICO. Short user guide.
16 November 2005Fifth person joined our group.
20 October 2005 First presentation of our measurement in LHC auditorium
16 October 2005Next two persons joined our group at CERN.
13 October 2005Taking part in power converter testing in 1-8 sector of LHC >>
19 September 2005We have got first PC computer - Celeron 2,8GHz with Windows XP - in our office.
14 September 2005The collaboration egreement cocerning participation of AGH-UST in the hardawre commissioning of the LHC Quench Protection and Energy Extractuin systems was completed by Knud Dahlerup-Petersem. Now, the agreement is waiting for consulting in Cracow.
5 September 2005Our group got the car - OPEL Corsa.
29 August 2005First two persons arrived to CERN.

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